2008 saw revenue soar for wind turbine manufacturer Clipper Windpower

Clipper Windpower, a manufacturer of advanced wind turbines, has posted a soar in revenue for the year ended 31 December, 2008, reaching $737.3m compared to $23.8m the previous year.

The company attributed the growth to the 248 turbines it sold throughout 2008 compared to just nine in 2007. At the close of December, the company recorded its cash balance at $209m, compared to $114.4m at the close of 2007. Net loss for the year was $313.3m, compared to $192.5m loss in 2007.

In addition, the company ramped up its production rates, managing to manufacture 289 turbines across the year, which have a total output of 723MW. Clipper Windpower expects to deliver between 300 and 325 turbines in 2009.

Doug Pertz, Clipper’s CEO and president, said, ‘Clipper’s tremendous revenue growth in 2008 highlights our important transition from a technology development company to the delivery of industrial-scale production of the 2.5MW Liberty turbine. We are aggressively meeting the challenges presented by the current difficult market conditions, while ensuring we retain the flexibility to scale up the business when growth returns. The Obama Administration has set a goal of doubling US wind generating capacity within three years and has approved legislation to support technologies essential to accelerating wind deployment.’

Radu Voinescu
Energie Eoliana


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