Two more windparks in Shabla area

After the Mitsubishi windfarm on Cape Kaliakra, Italian Enel builds two wind power parks on Bulgarian Black Sea coast region of Shabla:

„Italian energy giant Enel will put two wind parks in operation, with a total installed capacity of 39MW near Shabla and Kamen Bryag on the Black Sea coast, by the end of the summer, Enel country manager for Bulgaria John Clark said after meeting with Economy Minister Petar Dimitrov, Dnevnik daily reported on March 6.

The wind parks will be built by another Italian company, Global Wind Power. In 2008, the Commission for Protection of Competition gave its approval to the project.

„At this time, it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of the entire investment for both parks. As we speak, the turbines are being installed in Kamen Bryag” Global Wind Power director for business development, Yordan Merakov, told Dnevnik.

Last year, Enel signed an agreement with the municipalities of Gourkovo and Sevlievo for the building of the wind turbines on their turf.”

Radu Voinescu

Energie eoliana


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  1. Vlad on

    deci si la bulgari se poate, numai la noi nu…. normal…. offf Romanie… offff

  2. Inchidem Vama on

    Vine si la noi, Vlad, vine… Ai numai oleaca de rabdare!

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