DONG Energy, E.ON and Masdar invest $3.3bn in London Array offshore wind farm

(intre paranteze fie spus, in aceasta povestioara este vorba despre un alt exemplu de cum merg lucrurile pe la altii, ca sa avem un termen de comparatie si sa invatam; ce ne lipseste? multe. de exemplu, gura mai mica, seriozitate si viziune aproape cu totul, sprijin adevarat din partea statului…)

Another „How-things-are-done” story just to have a peek at real nice, serious, visionary wind energy project development, real, nice, serious, visionary state support. Go, Romania!

DONG Energy, E.ON and Masdar are investing DKK16.4bn ($3.3bn) in building the first 630MW of the London Array offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary.

Once complete, the scheme will be the world’s largest and first 1GW offshore wind farm. The project will supply enough power for around 750,000 homes around the Greater London area and is expected to come online in 2012.

Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG Energy said, ‘Following the 2 ROC announcement, and our subsequent decision to build the Walney projects, I’m thrilled that we today also have the final investment decision on the London Array project. The decision to build the London Array offshore wind farm is a very significant cornerstone in DONG Energy’s strategy to increase the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.’

E.ON CEO Dr Wulf Bernotat said, ‘I’m delighted that work can now get underway on the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The start of London Array will mark a key milestone in our roadmap as we continue with our ambitious strategy to take renewables to an industrial level.’

The scheme will be built around 12 miles off the coasts of Kent and Essex and is to be constructed in two phases. The consortium hopes the first phase of 630MW will be completed and generating in 2012. The first phase will consist of 175 turbines. The second phase will add enough capacity to bring the total to 1,000MW.

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar, added, ‘The leadership of Abu Dhabi recognises the importance of global collaboration and engagement to deploy renewable energy on a large scale. The London Array represents Masdar’s strategic approach to renewable energy, whereby real partnerships are formed between government and the private sector. This project is a great achievement for the UK government, E.ON, DONG Energy and Masdar, which exemplifies our commitment to build cooperation to take renewable energy further down the path to widespread global adoption.’

Radu Voinescu

Energie eoliana


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