Windman Interviewed ;)

Below is a short interview I gave for Business Review:


3Q – Radu Voinescu, partner at Boeru Voinescu Grup

In what wind energy projects are you involved?

Currently, we are providing management consultancy for a Spanish joint-venture company, based in Madrid, which wants to invest in wind energy projects in Romania. The company started wind measurements in 2007 in five locations in Romania and some others in Bulgaria, from which it finally chose three such locations in our country to develop these projects. All these locations are in Constanta county and each project will probably have some 30 MW. Besides this, we are currently in discussions with investors who could be interested in investing in wind energy projects in Timis county and Suceava. In Timis, we are in the phase of analyzing the wind, technical and land maps in order to establish which area will be better to invest in and who owns the land.How do you see this market in the future?
The wind farm market is one that was hiking when all the others started falling and massive lay-offs were announced. There is still room on this market. In the past three months, we have been contacted by five companies interested in entering this market.

In which other energy projects are you involved?
We are assisting an American investor who put his money into a bio ethanol factory. The total investment is about EUR 30 million and the factory will be operational by 2010. The investor already has contracts to sell the production. According to investor data in Romania there is a potential for ten such factories. Besides this project, we are involved in the process of authorization for a co-generation unit which uses biomass with a capacity of 700 kW.

Radu Voinescu

Energie eoliana



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  1. Narcis on


    Te urmaresc cu placere

    Salutari din Campina

  2. RaduBT on

    Felicitari si sa fie intr-un ceas bun!!!

    Poate reusim sa ne intalnim intr-o zi (noi avem birourile in Victoriei) pentru ca, asa cum spuneai si pe forum, sunt multe de discutat. De exemplu acum suntem in discutii cu un fond de care doreste sa investeasca cel putin 100 de mil anul asta. Proiecte sa fie, asa ca daca ai ceva securizat.. da-mi un semn. 🙂

    Numai bine


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