Wind Energy Facts 2009 – the stats are in

The market for new wind turbines was worth $ 63 billion in 2009.

the GWEC, quoted by AP, quoted in Business Week.

The top spenders in 2009 were:
#3: The USA – 9,922MW wind energy new capacity installed in 2009, up 39% from the end of 2008 to a total of over 35,000MW. Wind generated 2% of the electricity generated in the USA in 2009. (AWEA)
#2: The European Union, together – 10,163MW (€13bn), out of which Spain has the largest share last year (2,459MW), followed by Germany; it was the best-ever year for the European wind industry in terms of new capacity added. The EU is still the world leader in the total installed wind energy capacity, amounting 74,767MW; most of it (25,777MW) is operational in Germany, our regional champion. Wind generated 9% of the electricity generated in the EU.

And the Oscar goes to…

#1: China – 12GW installed in 2009, up to 25GW total installed capacity of wind energy plants. Wind generated only 1% of the electricity consumed in China.

158GW of wind energy were operational at the end of 2009, 31% percent up from the end of 2008.

While we’re still waiting for the Romanian authorities to come up with the official data for 2009, the European Wind Energy Association announced that Romania’s contribution to the European record was only 3MW, i.e. less than 0.03% of the total, placing Romania on the 20th position among the 27 states. To conclude about our Romanian 2009 in wind energy: „we had such potential, such promise…” – much ado about nothing.


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  1. Anonim on

    Conform Transelectrica, proiectele eoliene insumeaza 2603 MW cu Aviz Tehnic de Racordare si 1615 MW cu contracte de racordare, localizate in zonele cu cel mai ridicat potential eolian: Dobrogea, Moldova si Banat. In prezent puterea instalata este de 14, 1 MW.

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