400MW fully permitted projects for sale now

I have today for sale 7 fully-permitted wind energy projects in Romania – 394.5MW.
Also, some greenfield projects which are good value for money.

Next steps:

  1. NDA
  2. Information exchange about the portfolio (iterative)
  3. Letter-of-intent (LOI) and bank guarantee letter (or proof) for the requested amount
  4. Direct meeting seller-buyer
  5. Memorandum of understanding (MOU)
  6. Sale-purchase

5 comments so far

  1. Filipe Rombert on

    Hello, can I have more information about this offer? How do I know if this is true?

    Filipe Rombert

  2. windman on

    It is true because I say so. The renewable energy market in Romania is quite a small one and we all know each other.

    But if you want to check that out, why not? Let’s talk, I’ll give you some info about the projects, you’ll tell me a little about you (how will I know it’s true?), we will sign an NDA, I’ll send you more info etc etc

  3. c.odonnell on

    interested in small parks 1mw – 10mw authorised but not in production and for sale…means
    construction certificate
    grid access signed and paid
    wind measurements 1 year
    we have finance

  4. Lara Ferrari on

    hy my names is Lara Ferrari
    Are you the owner s of the project ?
    i have many clients interested in wind farm in Romania especially in brailla zone or transilvania zone near the board of Hugary.
    Project from 50 mw
    O’m a brker and i like work diretly with seller and buyer not chain,
    If you have projent pls send me a mail wirh info to lara.ferr@stimpiantinardo.it
    Coul i ask a commission for my business team, usually ask a fee of 10.000 euro/mw i sign with the seller nda and we can add the commision to the cost of the project after if the business will go fine you oay me my commission. Also for the commission we sign a contract
    Awaiting rfor yor reply

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