JOB OPENING: Commercial Sales Manager – Wind Power

What are the responsibilities?

– The Commercial Sales Manager (Region/Country) manages the sales process with regard to pricing, commercial and contractual matters.

– He/she is responsible in the sales team to optimizing the financial outcome of projects.

– Quality of new orders, hit rate, country or sales region, interdisplinary work, budgeting, lead/coaching sales team members.

– Co-drive activities/strategy implementation in the sales team together with the Technical Sales Manager.

– Manage the commercial dimension of activities in the sales team.

– Develop negotiation strategy, negotiate and manage the process up to signing of the contract.

– Lead / coach the sales team and contributors.

– Capture and analyze relevant regional market data including deep understanding of customer value/revenue drivers.

– Co-ordinate with business development department.

– Co-drive/agree country plans/Business Target Agreements/MOPs reimbursement of cost with Regional Entities. (as a Technical, I wonder what MOP is… 😉 )

– Prepare input for the income side of projects (price and cash-flow optimization)

– Coordinate and distribute high quality „Commercial Limits of Authority” packages to management.

– Prepare sales forecasts and budgets (country/region).

– Optimize and monitor project cost.

What is needed for this job?

– University graduate (Economical graduate);

– Fluency in English; (I would add that German is nice to have, but not a must)

– Min 2-3 year relevant experience in the commercial field / in an economic related position;

– Knowledge of basic accounting / SAP R3 SD module and/or PM module / local fiscal code and the local commercial law;

What else do is to know?

– Team work capabilities: ability to work as a member of a team and to build strong interpersonal communication relationship;

– Capability to work under pressure; (and my last personal addition is that travel is required)

– Results Oriented;

– Sociability, attentive to details.

Apply to this job now…


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