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The latest news about the biggest windfarm developers in Romania

A national newspaper published a full-page article today about what seems to be a feud between the developers of two of the biggest windfarms in Romania. In the red corner, Iberdrola Renovables, who acquired from Eolica Dobrogea and Rokura 1600 MW worth of wind projects in different permitting phases and the project development needed to complete them. All or most of these projects are concentrated between Corbu and Fantanele – Mihai Viteazu. In the blue corner, Tomis Team, the developer of CEZ for the Fantanele-Cogealac mega-project.

The mayor of Cogealac contested in court the building permit of CEZ and thus stopped the construction works, which had already started.

In the same time, Eolica Dobrogea is advancing on the projects of Iberdrola.

There is a chance to see both windfarms connecting to the grid through the same substation, a new 400kV being built nearby, maybe in Tariverde.

In the same time, Martifer is being held back by some mistakes being made in the previous phases of the development: they did not have the rights over all the land that they began to prepare for construction. Apparently, they began some works on a neighbouring property and the whole construction is being held because of legal issues. According to the former GM of Eviva/Martifer Renewables Romania, they should already have some of the turbines connected and productive at the end of last year. The turbines were delivered in the port of Constanta in September 2008, transported to the site and now 100 million euro worth of equipment is laying there, waiting for the legal issues to be solved.

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