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Romania: Vestas wins 54 MW contract

Børsen, 16 Apr 2010, online: Link to source home page in Danish

Danish Vestas has received an order from Romanian oil and gas company Petrom for the supply of its V90 wind turbines to SC Wind Power Park SRL in Dobrogea. The wind farm is scheduled to be completed by mid-2011. Petrom estimates that its investment in the project will amount to around EUR 100mn (USD 135.71mn).

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Compania daneza Vestas a primit o comanda de 76 de turbine eoliene in Romania

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Compania daneza Vestas, cel mai mare producator de turbine eoliene la nivel mondial, a primit o comanda de la firma portugheza EDP Renovaveis pentru 76 de unitati cu o capacitate totala de 228 megawati (MW), care urmeaza sa fie folosite in doua proiecte energetice din Romania. Contractul cuprinde clauze referitoare la furnizare, instalare si un acord de intretinere pe cinci ani, se arata intr-un comunicat al companiei daneze, care nu a oferit detalii privind valoarea acordului. Primele turbine vor fi instalate pana la sfarsitul acestui an. EDP Renovaveis, subsidiara a grupului Energias de Portugal, este al treilea mare operator de energie eoliana din Europa si ocupa locul patru in topul operatorilor mondiali. Detaliile legate de numele proiectelor nu au fost publicate, la cererea clientului. Productia anuala totala a celor doua centrale eoliene vor duce la reducerea emisiilor de dioxid de carbon cu 195.500 de tone anual. Cel mai avansat proiect de constructie a unor centrale eoliene din Romania, cu o putere instalata cumulata de 600 MW, se afla in localitatea Tariverde, intre Tulcea si Constanta, investitia putand ajunge la circa 600 de milioane de euro. Mai multe grupuri internationale importante precum CEZ (Cehia), Enel (Italia) sau Iberdrola (Spania) au in derulare proiecte care insumeaza cateva mii de megawati de energie eoliana.

Radu Voinescu

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Vestas receives order for 228 MW in Romania

Versiune Romana Aici__

A friend and partner of mine sent me this info and I thought of sharing it with you, so you have an idea of where we’re standing. FYI, that’s around or over 300M€ invested in Romania and electricity for more than 50,000 homes, all by 2011 and only from one of the major turbine producers. Here is one more post about Suzlon/RePower turbines already being delivered to this part of the world.

Here’s the article:

Vestas has received an order for a total of 76 units of the V90-3.0 MW turbine for two projects in Romania. The contract comprises supply, installation, a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution, as well as a five-year service agreement. The first turbines are expected to be installed by the end of 2009.

The order has been placed by EDP Renováveis that is currently the third largest wind energy operator in Europe and the fourth largest operator in the world.

At the customer’s request, details about the name of the project cannot be disclosed.

Radu Voinescu

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Vestas receives wind turbine order for Romania

Vestas has received an order for 67 3MW wind turbines from S.C Ewind and S.C Wind Power Park in Romania.

The V90 wind turbines will be delivered to two projects in the region of Constanta in Romania during 2009 and 2010.

Hans Jorn Rieks, president of Vestas Central Europe, said, ‘We are very satisfied with this new contract, which shows the positive development of the wind energy market in the Eastern European countries. We are particularly happy about this contract which is the first large contract for us in Romania and it confirms our positive expectations for this market. Additionally, we are very happy to be working with S.C Ewind and S.C Wind Power Park on these projects and we are pleased about their confidence in Vestas’ technology.’

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